**Note: This article is about MY pricing. If you want to book Lucy, the price is lower a bit.

Here is the summary of the article, you can continue reading below to better understand the process as well as estimate the price so that you can choose the picture that fit your budget. In any case, you still need to send your picture for an exact pricing.

  • Upper body of 1 person (head, chest and arms) cost an average of $225.
  • Expression, hair style and clothing affect the pricing significantly.
  • We need to repeat the same process for each person in the picture so the price will multiply.
  • More than 2 people in 1 picture is a big project so I haven't done any.
  • Exotic animals are very expensive to make
  • Simple environment does not add any cost.
  • Environments that take more than 2 hours to create add at least $50, there is no upper limit.
  • Crowds, fire, smoke, liquid simulation are not possible
  • Default picture size is 9MP (3000x3000), higher size will add an additional fee. The maximum size we can deliver is 20MP (4000x5000) which adds $130 to the total cost.
  • The artwork is for personal use only we only deliver the final picture, no 3D files. For commercial projects, a discussion is required.

Face and body sculpting

If nothing is out of ordinary, then you can expect your picture of 1 person to cost around $225

Creating a the 3D model from scratch takes a lot of time and cost a lot of money, so we invested some time to create a few base models for people, cats and dogs. For every project, we start with a base model and sculpt it into the desired shape, this significantly reduce the time and cost of each project.

For example, a bird can cost around $400 since we have to create everything from scratch.

About 60% of the work is on the face, but the complexity of the expression, hair and clothing are the varying factors that may affect the price.


Intense expression is much harder than a slight expression. This is because of the distortion of the face and the wrinkles that appear. The price above is for a slight smile expression.


In 3D, we model the body first, then make the clothing by simulating the fabric physics to tailor a virtual set of clothing on the body, it is almost like tailoring in reality. Even if only a small part of the clothing is visible in the picture, we still need to simulate the entire cloth in order for the physics to work right and produce the wrinkles correctly. Because of this, complex clothing such as wedding dresss and suits are much more expensive than simple T-shirts.

Cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer 8


The hair is not based on physics simulation, but controlling over 100000 strands of hair is not a simple task, especially if you have a complex style of hair.

Hair grooming in Blender 2.8

So when you select a picture, pay attention to your clothing and hair, if they are simple, then you can expect a pricing around $225/person.

Does that mean bald and nude are cheaper ?

Bald, yes.

Nude, no. In the cases of bikini, nude or other revealing clothing, the anatomy of the body is much more important so the work is about sculpting the body right. It take years to get good with sculpting anatomy while it only take a couple of months for clothing.


For simple background, there is no additional cost. We only add a cost if the background takes more than 2 hours to create.

Environment modelling in Blender 2.8


Random trees are easy even though they have a lot of details, but if you want a specific tree that look like the one in your picture, then it will be very expensive, almost as much as an average person.

In 3D the trees are generated randomly, we can tweak the general parameters like the amount of branchs and leaves, curvature of the branches, etc. The placement of the branches and leaves are random. This allows us to quickly create a bunch of trees with just a few clicks. But if you want a specific tree, then we can't randomly generate trees and the work will be manual which is extremely time consuming.


Crowds are not possible, if your background has a crowd, they will be removed or you will have to find another picture.


The buildings and cars of the outdoor city environment will take a lot of time to create. So if you can, try not to include too much of the city life in your picture.

Much like the city streets, the objects in your home background will take time to make. If your background includes only a table or a lamp and a few other simple objects, then there is no additional costs.

When the background is complex enough to have a price, then it will be at least $50. However, there is no upper price limit for the background. if you took a picture in a shop full of small different items, then the background may cost even more than an average person.

There is one exception though, if your background includes a lot of objects but they are all the same model, then we can make 1 model and duplicate them to fill the background, it will be quick.

Duplicating the benches, umbrelas and trees Blender 2.79

Fire, smoke and liquid

Fire, smoke and liquid are made using physics simulation (fluid simulation), but unlike cloth physics simulation, fluid simulation is extremely slow and memory consuming. It is very likely that our computers can't handle the job, even if possible, it still take hours to simulate a stream of water and if it doesn't look right, it will take hours more to change the setting and resimulate. So fluid simulation is not possible

However, in some cases, we can fake the fire/smoke/water using different techniques, we need to see your picture first to confirm if it's possible.

Faking the water without fluid simulation in Blender 2.8


At the end of the project, we simulate the light bounces in the 3D scene to generate the final picture. This process is called "rendering".

Rendering is a slow process and it use up 100% of the GPU, so we can't use the PC to work.

You can multiply the width and height of the picture to get the pixel count, the more pixels, the slower it will be and the more it will cost.

The default size we deliver is 9 MP (9 million pixels), it takes an average of 1 and a half hour to compute but sometimes in a complex scene, it can take over 3 hours for the same size.

The default 9MP size does not add any additional cost, the average $225/person is based on the the amount of work before the rendering. If you want bigger size, then we can deliver up to 20MP for up to $130 additional cost.

The 3D files are not a part of the delivery unless it's a commercial project.

Commercial projects

The above article is for private artworks only, if you want the 3D model for your project, then we need to discuss a different pricing.

Please contact me at to discuss about your project.