How to request a commission


* If you have tight deadline or don't want to wait, please consider participating in the Monthly Auctions *

Due to the high amount of requests and my limited work speed, I can only pick randomly from the valid requests.

If your request is valid, then I will add it to the list of validated requests and you will have a chance every time I free up my schedule.

Please continue to read through the sections below for the details.


I charge $25/hour up to 25 hours per customer. Each picture is different and has a different work time so I will need to see your picture first to give you the price

After agreement, I will use Paypal to send you 1 initial invoice for 50% payment before starting the job. And after I complete your picture, I will send you another invoice for the rest of the agreed payment.

Note: the price here is for personal commissions only, for commercial work, we will negotiate a commercial price.

What you receive

  • By the end of the project, you will receive 1 PNG picture, 7 MP.
  • If you want higher resolution or more pictures from other angles, additional price will be included depends on the extra time.
  • For whatever reason, if you want the 3D files (BLEND, FBX, OBJ, etc) and all included textures, I will use textures under Creative Common license or my own textures and I will charge the commercial price instead of the personal commission price.
  • For personal commissions, any brands/logos in the original picture will be removed.

I don't want to break any laws while doing this service so there are some conditions you must agree before sending me your pictures:

  • The reference photograph must belong to you.
  • If your photo was shot in private property, then all people in your photo must agree to let me publish the original photo on the internet. If the photo was shot in a public place, then this condition is not required.
  • If you plan for a surprise gift and the person/people in the photo must not know about it, you must chose one of their public photos (published on social media or shot in a public place)
  • If you are under 18, you must be represented by your parents or the adults in charge. I do not encourage kids to send their pictures to a random stranger on the internet. I may require proof before taking your request.

Not everything is possible to cartoonize, some subject matters are beyond me or simply not acceptable:

  • Time limit: Depends on my schedule, I may turn down complicated pictures to take simpler ones. Right now, I may work up to 25 hours for 1 project, that means there can't be more than 2 people in your picture.
  • Simulations: Fire, smoke and liquid require massive workstation and a long time to simulate so I will pass in most cases.
  • Crimes and bad manner: I like nice people.
  • Babies and exotic animals: To make the work time and price more affordable, I made reusable base meshes for adults, dogs and cats. Without the base mesh, a sculpture of a baby will take forever.
  • Others: There maybe more limitations not listed here, I'll let you know if I find something not doable in your picture.

If you agree with the conditions, then find a picture within the limitations and send to, don't forget to state in your email that you have read and agree with the conditions.

Or you can use the form below, I will email you the price and other information

(*): required